Thursday Thirteen

This week's list is all about the things I cannot live without on a daily basis:

1. Aveno Chapstick - I had a tube in the car, in the diaper bag, in my makeup bag here at home and in my gym bag!
2. Sugar-free Redbull - it's the only caffeine I have... ever
3. My watch - I hate not knowing what time it is
4. My IPhone - it's my GPS system, my datebook, my IPOD and my portable laptop
5. Victoria's Secrets IPEX Wireless Bra
6. Rubberband to pull my hair back
7. Marc Jacobs "Daisy" hand lotion
8. Yahoo! Instant Messenger - it's how I keep in contact with everyone
9. Thomas' Whole Grain English muffins - my breakfast every morning
10. My Kitchen shears
11. My DVR - I miss so much because I can't just sit down and watch TV when I want! :)
12. Bank of America Online banking - I balance our checkbook every single day
13. My toothbrush - I even dry-brush my teeth during the day, after I drink something other than water.


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