Thursday Thirteen

This week's Thursday Thirteen is all about my favorite items of clothing:

  1. Lucky Brand Classic Rider Jeans
  2. Halogen long-sleeve knit shirts from Nordstrom's (I have them in every color)
  3. Hanky Panky lingerie
  4. The IPEX Wireless bra from Victoria's Secret
  5. Free People Knit tops
  6. Joe's "Socialite" jeans
  7. Sketchers Mary Janes in leather
  8. Gap Body yoga pants
  9. BCBG Classic 4" pump in patent leather
  10. Kate Spade "Rae" sunglasses
  11. Juicy Velour tracksuit
  12. Coach leather Blecker bags
  13. Tasha headbands (sold at Nordstrom's)


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