Tuesday Toddler Tales

Since I keep all things Emily on her babysite but not everyone has access to it, I decided to start doing a post every Tuesday, dedicated to everything Emily-related and I'm calling it Tuesday Toddler Tales.

Emily is currently facinated and a bit obsessed with balloons.

We can't get out of Safeway or Trader Joes without a balloon these days and she is the perfect shopping companion if I can get her a balloon first thing after entering the store. The Florist at Safeway here in Alameda knows us by name and we don't even have to request a FREE balloon anymore, just tell her which color we want. I feel like I should be paying them for the tantrum-free shopping time each week!

While at Target this week, I grabbed a $0.99 bag of assorted colored balloons and blew up a few for Emily to play with. I just leave them scattered on the floor in the hallway and in her room and I won't hear anything but laughter for hours at a time. She chases them, swings them around (knocking herself in the face, mostly!), kicks them, throws them and brings them to me to throw for her. She's panting, nearly sweating most afternoons from our new "game" of me throwing the balloons down the hallway and her running after them. ha ha ha What a riot!


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