Big Brother 8 *spoilers*

One of my favorite reality tv shows ever, it never disappoints and this season is no different.

Watching, you really get drawn in to the characters and my current favs are Chelsia, James, Ryan and Natalie.

This season was really different from all other years because they matched up the guys and girls into couples and they had to plan the game as couples which meant they were nominated for eviction as couples and were voted off the show as couples. The entire cast began to dwindle fast so, leave it to BB8 to throw in a new twist... they broke up the couples last night, just as Ryan & Allison were being voted off and the entire house is now playing as individuals. So, last night, with no time to think, everyone had to chose between Ryan & Allison as to whom would be going home this week. It was no surprise that they voted off Allison and I'm glad she's gone, what a manipulative B*%&@ but I will miss the drama she brought to the show.

To everyone's surprise, Ryan won HOH (Head of Household) last night and I'm certain everyone will start their begging and pleading with him to keep themselves off the block this week. It's a good thing Allison is gone because I'm betting she would've been one of his targets. I wonder who we will put up?

I'm also interested to see when BB8 will bring Allison and another voted off cast member back to the show. Yes, you heard me... they alluded to doing this on Wednesday night's show and apparently, American gets to vote! I may have to drag out my laptop and vote myself as I'd love to see Jacob come back and stir up more trouble with his ex, Sharon. hehe I'm evil!


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