Bah-Easter! :(

Easter was pretty eventful this year... event-FULL of disasters, that is!

Part of Easter tradition for our family is to make Easter Cookies and decorate them with icing and edible glitter to enjoy after lunch. So, while my mom was in town and we were out shopping, an adorable Cookie Decorating Kit from Williams-Sonoma grabbed our eye. It looked simple enough: bake the cookies, mix water with the pre-measured & dyed icing powder, decorate and enjoy.

Yeah, right!

The cookie cutters were super cute and, if properly dipped in flour, the cookie dough won't stick, and they cookies come out perfect. I was quite pleased with the little bunnies, chicks, easter eggs and easter baskets! :)

The icing however turned out too runny and really pale in color, the pipping bags & decorating tips were really cheap, flimsy materials and, let's face it, I'm not patient enough to decorate anything! About half-way through decorating the cookies, I just lost it. I was over it and threw it all in the trash and decided we would just have to eat our cookies sans icing.

Check out the decapitated bunny cookie... if that's not a sign, I don't know what is.

Bah-Easter! :(


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