I'm the proud owner of a Crockpot... finally!

I grew up on chili, stew and bbq chicken made in the Crockpot, my mother was a Crockpot genious and I remember getting to excited when I saw her pull out the Crockpot in the mornings because I knew something really good was being served for dinner!

I don't honestly know why I didn't register for one for my wedding because I really wanted one and I can't figure out why I haven't purchased one for myself since as I love to cook, always make the time for it and am constantly searching for new ideas for dinner. I guess my only real excuse is we just don't have the counter space nor the cabinet space for one and I never wanted to buy one of those huge, 6-quart crockpots, designed to provide for a family of six. *sigh* I really wanted one but never could make the commitment until this week...

While at Target yesterday, I saw the new Rival 4-quart stainless steel Crockpot and knew that one was "the one" so, I bought it, read up on my recipes and did a bit of research online and then, Emily and I were off to do some food shopping. :) We stocked up on onion soup mix, tomato paste, fresh vegetables, beef & chicken and cornstarch and I found myself really excited to get up today and make my first dish: beef with red wine gravy that I plan to serve over fresh mashed potatoes and with a salad.

It's only been cooking 3 hours and the whole house smells like a restaurant, yumm-o!


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