It's trash day again... more bad news!

So, our landlords did NOT take the overflowing trash cans to the dump over this past weekend leaving us (and them) no choice but to leave our extra trash this week on the ground in our driveway. Talk about rude! Even after talking to them about this last week, they did the exact same thing again this week!

I came home from a playdate late last night and noticed all the cans were still in the driveway and both of their cars were parked in the driveway, pinning all the cans up against the fence. Argh!

I had David call them to ask them to please move their cars and put the cans out TONIGHT and, while they did end up moving the cars, he took one truck out of town and she took the other out for the evening, WE had to drag the cans out ourselves at MIDNIGHT!!! Before going to bed, David and I noticed that they had come home and parked their cars on the street but didn't pull the cans out. Are you kidding me?!?!?

Oh Lord, I might just lose my mind...

To make things even more annoying, because the cans were full, we had to place bags of trash on the curb beside the cans and the trash man did NOT pick them up so, our curb is littered with trash bags! Then, for extra annoyance, one of our landlords came home from work and did pull the gray trash can up to the house but left blue recyclables can and the green waste can on the curb (because only the gray trash can was blocking his entrance into his driveway... figures he would move that one!) AND left the bags of trash on the ground rather than picking them up and putting them in the gray trashcan and then, pulling it back up into the driveway. Who does he think is going to pick up that trash off the curb? Us? I don't think so! Argh!!! I want to strangle them right now.

It's too bad this house doesn't belong to a Homeowners Association that could write them a citation for their ridiculous and disgusting behavior. We are ashamed to live here!


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