It's trash day and our cans are NOT on the curb...

Trash Day for us is every Friday, always has been, probably always will be and why our Landlord's can't put the cans out every Thursday night is beyond comprehension. It's not a tough job, they both do drive up into their driveway every Thursday evening and have to see the cans sitting there, knowing the trashman comes at 3:00AM Friday morning and yet, they walk right past them a good 2-3 times a quarter or about once a month.

Doesn't seem like a big deal?

Well, let me tell you how big of a deal it really is.

With a baby and me staying at home, we generate three bags of trash, two bags of recyclables and a bag of "green" waste (yard clippings, dead flowers, food leftovers) every single week and, by Wednesday, all three cans are full because the three of us have to share with them three of them, them being about Landlords who live in the unit upstairs. By Friday, there are at least 3 bags of trash on the ground beside the trash cans and random broken down cardboard boxes stacked up along the fence.

If they don't put the trash out and we miss trash day, you would swear we have our own landfill in our driveway because of the trash that piles up there the following week.

We have generously offered to take over the "trash duties" (putting the cans on the curb on Thursdays) and have done so anytime we've gotten to it before they have but here lately, they have been parking both cars in the driveway (it's really only made for one), pinning the cans up against the fence and it's not possible to get them out. This is what happened today. Apparently, they drove into work together in their third car (which was parked on the street), leaving the cans pinned in the driveway by their other two cars. We called them, yesterday night before we went to bed, letting them know that we attempted to put the cans out but couldn't get to them because of their cars blocking the cans in. We politely requested they either move the cars and put the cans out when they got home or make a trip to the dump this weekend so that we don't end up having to put the extra trash on the ground. I don't think I need to go into WHY leaving trash on the ground is not a good idea (rodents, Opossums, unsightly appearance, etc.)...

We'll see what happens I guess!


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