Job offer... out of the blue!

It's no secret I've made a lot of friends since moving to California and having a baby but I honestly never saw myself being offered jobs!

I've grown close to a few of the women that also have their children enrolled in Ruby's Tumbling here in Alameda and one of them asked me if I was at all interested in keep the books for her & her husband's real estate business today. We had previously talked about my education and 4-year career before deciding to become a SAHM (stay at home mom) so, she knew that I was an Accountant/Auditor. She said their current "Bookkeeper" (not as educated as she previously thought!) just isn't workout so, they are hoping to train someone new and have her completely phased out (fired) by the end of the summer. I was floored that she thought so much of me to think of me professionally and, although I love staying at home and never considered going back to work until Emily was in school full-time, I am seriously considering taking the job and here's why:

  • It's a part-time job where I work 100% here at home on my own time utilizing only Excel and my email to send in work. I can easily work during Emily's 2-3 hour naps, early in the morning before she wakes up, in the evenings after she goes to bed but before David comes home and/or on weekends while David is watching Emily.
  • It's super simple, very basic GL accounting that I am overqualified for so, no real "training" other than to understand the companies cash-basis of Accounting and how she likes her expenses coded to the general ledger.
  • It would only require about 10 hours a week (for me, as I know the work like the back of my hand and therefore, can work a lot faster than their current employee)
  • It's paid like a full-time Bookkeeper's rate, about $50,000 annually, because they don't offer insurance, paid leave or 401(k) benefits, which is perfect for me because there's no way they could compete with David's benefits at Pixar and I would prefer the extra money.
  • I would be an employee not an independent contractor so, half of my medicare & social security taxes are paid for and my wages are tracked for me.
  • I would once again have the ability to enroll in and contribute to my OWN IRA!!!
  • I would be back in the Accounting Loop and not feel I'm so far removed from the career I worked so hard for and wouldn't feel my education was wasted. It would be nice to only have a 2-year whole in my resume (the two years I've stayed at home with Emily thus far) in case I do decide to return to work full-time one day.
  • I never have to go to an office, wear a suit, participate in meetings or other "political red tape", there are no reviews, bonuses, raises or company functions (wahoo!!!) - just a specific set of responsibilities and clear cut deadlines each week.
Talk about exciting! :) They are going out of town this week for the Easter Holiday but I should be hearing something from her next week.


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