MNO (Mom's Night Out)

Every month, my "mom's group" (aka: My friends) hits the town on a Friday or Saturday Night to enjoy tapas, drinks and some girls-only conversation, free from our hubbies and kiddos. It's a designated night every month and I know I do everything in my power to make it and usually do!

Last night was MNO.

Destination: Easy Lounge, Oakland,CA
Drinks of choice:
Sangria, Mojitos & Vodka shooters
our next Mom's Trip!!!

We all went to Las Vegas this past fall and are throwing around the idea for TWO trips this year: one in April and one in November. The April trip we are thinking either an over-night stay in the City for spa treatments and a day of shopping or an overnight trip up in Napa for spa treatments and a day of wine tasting... tough choice! We are fairly certain we'll return to Vegas this fall because we had way too much fun last year. :)


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