Moving to YouTube for videos *sigh*

It's not like my inbox isn't clogged enough because of stuff I've signed up for but it seems I need to start using YouTube to upload videos to Emily's Video Blog because Blogger isn't consistent and, quite frankly, a huge pain in my a$$!

YouTube seems easy enough to use but I hate that I have to give every video a title and description and assign it tags for searchability... it takes so much time. I also have to establish privacy settings (to ensure the world's pedofiles can't watch my daughter online) and, if I do make it completely private, I'd have to set up an email address book of our family & friends in order to share the videos with them outside of her video blog. Argh :(

But, the video I uploaded this morning had no problems and I'm finally making progress on her Video Blog so, I guess I can't complain too much, right?


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