My new favorite "mom gear"

Nordstrom's sells one of my favorite Active Wear Brands, Zella, and this weekend I discovered their new, "Favorite Fit Pants" and "Favorite Fit Capri's" and ended up buying two pairs of each in black and brown.

I love the pants for working out at the gym and on cold mornings, running errand and I'm really looking forward to wearing the capri's this summer, while bumming around at the park or just out running some errands on a warm afternoon.

They really are the perfect fit, my favorite fit: low on the waist but your butt doesn't hang out when you squat down or bend over, they fit but are not tight around the butt or thighs, they are smooth seems so no bumps showing through a tight-fitting shirt, the legs are loose-fit and the leg opening is a very flattering boot-cut.

I absolutely LOVE my new pants & capris!!!

Check out Nordstrom's website HERE to order yourself a pair... or two! :)


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