Shopping... alone for summer clothes!

Shopping alone is NOT something I get to do often as it means I have to leave Emily with David on either Saturday or Sunday and I actually hate doing that because we don't see him much these days due to his longer hours at work and I know he really enjoys getting out on his days off as well but, sometimes it must be done. And me shopping for clothes is one of those times! :)

I love Broadway Plaza up in Walnut Creek, it's a huge outdoor shopping area and Saturday was a gorgeous day to be outdoors, walking around, soaking up the sunshine and feeding the cash registers.

One of my favorite "go to" stores is The Lucky Brand Jeans store and, as always, I managed to find some really cute things that fit perfectly. They have their new line of t-shirts, capri's and light wash jeans, which I am a huge fan of. They all worth the spendy price tag and have always held up really well in the wash. I scored these this weekend:


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