Thursday Thirteen

Easter is just around the corner and it's one of my favorite holidays so, this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to Easter.

Thirteen things I love about Easter:

1. It's a wonderful day to stop, think, remember our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ and the day he rose from the grave.
2. I love Easter Sunday and having brunch afterwards with all our friends and their children.
3. Baking easter shaped cookies for the kids to enjoy.
4. Filling and then, hiding easter eggs for the kids to find and get excited about.
5. Buying Emily a special easter outfit.
6. Having Emily's picture made.
7. Seeing all the bunnies and chicks out and about for photo ops.
8. Going to see the easter bunny!
9. Cadbury Cream Eggs, yummo!
10. Getting easter cards from friends.
11. Buying toys, books and new fun things for Emily's easter basket and then, letting her tear into it on Easter morning.
12. I love that everything is decorating in pink, yellow, blue and green!
13. Peeps!


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