Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's Tuesday again and time for Tuesday Toddler Tales!

This week (due to my mom teaching her!), Emily is obssessed with the words; "Oh, no!" and appropriately says them whenever she falls down, which is often these days because she is learning to run, anytime she turns over her Little People School Bus and the people fall out and anytime she drops something out of the shopping cart. It's adorable and it seems "oh, no" has replaced "uh oh". It's clear as day, what she is saying and she scrunches up her face in disappointment. We all can't help but laugh. :)

At Story Time this morning at the South Branch Berkeley Library, I was commenting to our friends, Christine, Becky and Patty that our kids (all 17-18 months old now) are suddenly becoming slender, losing their little baby chub and looking very long and lean these days. Like real, little girls & boys with cheekbones, nobby knees and sweet little collarbones. It's amazing to look at Emily and think that she use to weight less than 8lbs and be tucked away, inside my stomach. Wow, did time go by fast and this month, I'll have a one & a half year old.


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