Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's Tuesday and time for this week's Toddler Tales, which is all about Emily's newfound love of Pooh Bear.

Yes, that plump, orange bear wearing a red t-shirt that loves hunny... she has a fairly large one that she is suddenly obsessed with.

Pooh Bear goes everywhere with her these days; in the car, outside to play, in her crib at nap time & bedtime, she drags him around, giggling, saying; "pooh pooh pooh". I have no idea why and can't even believe she found him as he was at the bottom of her stuffed animal basket. ha! :) Pooh Bear is the one thing that can stop her in her tracks in the middle of a meltdown, temper tantrum; all you have to do is ask her; "where is Pooh Bear?" and she is immediately distracted from whatever she was doing and is off & running to her room to find Pooh Bear.

Does your child have a current obsession?


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