Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's Tuesday and time for Tuesday Toddler Tales again! :)

It seems Emily is growing, developing and taking on new obsessions almost daily and this week is all about "go go go". Anytime we say; "Let's go" or "Time to go", Emily runs to the front door (she will hang from the baby gate if it's closed), grab my car keys, which I keep on the end table next to the couch, try and put the key in the door and will say; "go go go" and won't quit until you open the door and actually go somewhere. It's really cute, she's so willfull about it but we have to be very careful with the word go because there are times when it's obnoxious and I can't just drop what I'm doing and go for a ride in the car. ha!

Children teach us so many things including the art of the spelling game. Do you do this?

David and I (as well as our friends & family that come into our home) spell things to each other to try and disguise our intentions from Emily. It works... for now!


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