American Idol... anyone else annoyed?

I've been a fan since the very first show and actually predicted Kelly Clarkson to win.

I was wrong every other year, except with Carrie Underwood, she was a shoe-in! :)

I love this show.

I'm addicted to this show (except I do not vote nor do I go to their website, I think never miss an episode!).

But I do have to admit that I get sooooooooooooo annoyed when it gets down to the Top 12 and it becomes a popularity contest, based on how many "Tween" (girls ages 8-13) votes you get each week. Blech! :( So many great, talented, total-package contestants have gone home and this year is no different.

I hate hate hate that Michael Johns and Carly Smithson are gone and I fear my very favorites, David Cook and Brooke White, are next. I think David Castro lacks real talent and appears stoned most days and that David Archuleta is just too young, unexperienced and "green" to really sell any records. I like Syesha perfectly fine but she doesn't ever really stick out in my mind. I KNOW David Archuleta and David Castro have the votes each week to stay and this is what annoys me most. I truly think David Cook is the most talented and could really take the American Idol train all the way to the Grammy's, just like Kelly and Carrie have done and I seriously will be so disappointed if he doesn't win.

This show is like a train wreck: you know what you are going to see, you can sort of predict what will happen but you can't help but crane your neck to watch it over and over again.


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