Austin Christian Fellowship

My mom and sister have really loved their new church, Austin Christian Fellowship, over the last year and I'm so pleased to be able to listen, via live feed, to all the Sunday sermons on their website: I have also added the live feed to my blog - scroll down, it's on the right-hand side! :)

It's so hard to leave your church when you move to a new city, or a new state, and feel you are missing out, as we have the past 5 years. I know it's an excuse but we've been so busy since we've moved to California two years ago that we haven't really had the time to look for a new church we could call our own. A church we could take Emily to and have her dedicated to God in. A church we can attend as a family, to learn and grow through God. A church where we can make new friends.

We're working on it, truly, but until then, we'll continue to listen online.


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