Back at the gym!

I've had a membership to Mariner Square Health Club for almost a year now and have really loved it but I haven't taken full advantage of it, only going to workout sporatically, and my slow, steady weigh gain can attest to that fact. Boo! :(

This weekend, my girlfriend Rachel called and said she was desperate to get back in shape and invited me to attend the Circuit Training Class we use to take three times a week today... I said "yes" and worked hard to pack my gym bag, find my lock, wake up on time to get Emily dressed and out the door and I actually made it to class at 10:00AM! I was quite surprised and how well we both did, completing the entire hour class plus the 15 minutes of stretching without "cheating" on any of the cardio segments nor the on any of the weigh-lifting segments. We were both panting and sweating and guzzling water by the end but boy, did it feel good!

We are going back to the same class Friday, skipping Wednesday's class because our kids take tumbling during that 10AM time slot, and I'm excited about it, really looking forward to it. :)

I hope I can actually stick with it this time, adjusting my diet properly and working out consistently enough to finally shed these unwanted pounds before slipping into a bathing suit this summer.

Wish me luck!


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