It was the vase!!!

At 4:22AM, David and I were woken up out of a deep sleep by a crash that we automatically assumed was Emily, falling out of her crib. No real reason why, other than the fact that several of our friend's children are beginning to climb out of their cribs and we've seen Emily stepping on her bumpers that *could* have been an attempt to climb out.

David went flying out of our room, down the hall to Emily's room while I instinctively grabbed our video monitor to try and see where she was.

Emily was fast asleep in her crib, not laid out on her floor, bleeding as we were assuming the worst.

I grabbed David as he was about to throw open her door and immediately felt fear creep over me as I whispered; "someone's in our house".

We both sort of froze, trying to figure out what to do next when we heard what sounded like water dripping. We searched each room of our house and finally found the culprit: the large, amber glass vase on our end table in the living room was broken completely in half, and the water was dripping onto the floor.

There wasn't anyone in our house, the vase just cracked and half of it fell off the table, shattering into a million pieces on our hardwood floors. We have no idea how or why but we were able to fall back asleep, relieved that our daughter wasn't injured.


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