Jury Summons... again!

The first time I was summoned for Jury Duty, back in February 2007, I was a brand new mom, still breastfeeding and was able to log on to the courts website and excuse myself as a "breastfeeding mother". Doing this automatically excused me for one year.

Apparently, they didn't manage to lose my driver's license number in the past year because I received another jury summons yesterday. Poo! :(

I logged on to the courts' website today and since I'm no longer breastfeeding and don't feel comfortable lying, my only other option to be excused is "personal care obligation", which means I have an obligation to care for someone else, Monday thru Friday from at least 8am-5pm and other arrangements can't be made... does this sound like what I do to you? I mean, technically, David could stay home from work that day and take care of Emily or I could have a friend keep Emily that day but what if I got picked? What if I was put in some sequester house for months on end because of the severity of the trial? I can't hire a sitter with little to no notice to care for Emily indefinitely...

Yeah, I decided I needed to be excused this year too.

Maybe one day I can do my civic duty but not this year. :)


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