Parking Lot Woes

How can you NOT see that you are parked too close to a car?


At Whole Foods Market this morning, I push my cart with Emily in tow up to the passenger's side of my car (where her car seat is installed) and I wait, patently as a man and his son pull into the space next to my car. They see me, they offer a kind smile & nod, and then both proceed to exit their car on the driver's side, struggling the whole way because he has parked way too close. They both nearly bump my car with their doors, I honestly have no clue how they were able to get out at all!

But what I really can't understand is why that man (obviously a parent), while standing there watching me wait for them to exit so I can load my car and put Emily inside, didn't think to himself:
"Gee, I'm parked way too close to this car and I bet that woman standing there with her child, tapping her foot impatiently at me is probably not going to be able to get that cute little girl in the car; I should probably pull into the space more evenly or park a couple spaces down where there are 5 empty spaces"

They even do so much as to watch me struggle to put Emily in the car, finally giving up and going around to the driver's side to put her in that way and just keep on walking into the store without a second thought. I just could NOT believe it! HOW EFFING RUDE!!!


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