Thursday Thirteen

Since I'm really pumped up about working out again, this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to my gym, Mariner Square Health Club and the thirteen things I love most about it:

1. They've been in business over 3 decades and have retained most of their original staff who are all knowledgable and kind!
2. They are located here in Alameda, less than 1 mile from my house.
3. We adore Becky & Gina in their daycare center and it's a blessing to leave Emily with them for 2 hours a day (should I chose) for only $2.00.
4. Swim school is the greatest! We are enrolling Emily in a few years but love taking her to swim in the pool now, just to get acclimated. The pool is heated and indoors so, you can swim all year round.
5. The dressing rooms are amazing: 9 showers, a private jacuzzi that fits 20, wet & dry saunas, body wash and lotion in each shower stall, private lockers, 3 huge vanities complete with hair dryers!
6. The class schedule - from ballroom dancing to boot camp, MSAC has it all and every class is included in your membership fees!
7. Free wi-fi and 1,200 sq.ft. upstairs dedicated to working on your computer!
8. The pilates reformer class - it would cost thousands to have private pilates lessons!
9. The women's fitness room, complete with cardio machines, weights, balance balls, floor to ceiling mirrors, a scale and private entrance for those a bit self-conscience.
10. The personal trainers who walk around the entire facility non-stop to help you with your form, spot you should you need it, give you some pointers and of course, give your private training sessions.
11. The circuit training room - where do I begin? The machines are set up in a circle with instructions on how to use each one, there is music blaring to keep you motivated, there's a count down clock on the wall and an automatic voice that tells you when you switch stations. There's also a personal trainer that monitors the room should you need help.
12. The cafe upstairs where you can eat from 7am-2pm, breakfast or lunch, enjoy a smoothy or just hang out!
13. The parties - they always throw one for the children on Halloween, Easter and Christmas, it's really like being a part of a community, not just paying dues at a gym. :)


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