To our housekeeper, oh how we love thee!

Having a housekeeper come every Friday is the best gift we could ever receive as a family, a gift we finally decided to give ourselves!

We hired The Wilson's Group to tackle our housekeeping chores and have been so pleased with them thus far! Our housekeeper (who comes every week!) is Lori and she has given us back our weekends, as well as lightened my load substantially during the week. Lori is self-contained, bringing all her supplies with her, she's always right on time and is unbelievably pleasant! She's efficient, quiet and respectful, always asking if she can open a closet or move things around to ensure everything gets really clean, in case it isn't on our list of things we asked her to do that week. Hour 2bed/1bath 1,000 sq.ft. house takes her just over 3 hours and she charges $25/hour. She is worth every penny!

She does all the sweeping, moping, dusting, glass cleaning, bathroom scrubbing, lint removing, appliance wiping, laundry, bed-making, base board dusting, dish washing, cabinet cleaning, furniture vacuuming, pillow fluffing, vase cleaning, furniture waxing, ceiling fan dusting, door knob disinfecting, counter top scrubbing, stove/oven cleaning, trash emptying and rug cleaning that we used to do and we are so grateful!!!

Lori is actually here today (which is a bit different as she normally comes Fridays when no one is home) because we have company all next week and it's kind of neat to see how efficiently she works and how quickly she can turn chaos into clean! ;)


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