Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's time for Tuesday Toddler Tales this week!

Toddlers are slow!

Slow at getting up and getting dressed (mainly because they are trying to run off while you do all the work!); slow at eating (because they'd rather play with their food); slow at picking up their toys (because they like to do it one block at a time); and slow at walking down the sidewalk when it's time to go somewhere (because they don't want to hold your hand and walk looking down at their feet!).

These are all things my Emily is famous for but the current thing she is most slow at is walking somewhere. She insists on walking, she hates being carried and her short little legs can only carry her so far. ha! She walks looking down at the cracks in the sidewalk, checking out the squeaking sound her shoes make, looking at a lady bug creeping by, looking at the bright yellow flowers she wants to pick... and she does. She stops in her tracks, squats down and takes a really long time to chose one flower to pick. Then, she runs over to me, jumps into my arms and hands me the flower, as if she's picked it just for me.

Then, we go. :)


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