Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's Tuesday and you know what that means!

A post dedicated to my toddler. :)

Emily is teething... again!

We're certain: she's had low-grade fevers on and off for two weeks, her appetite is spotty, she's drooling like a dog, she walks around with both fists shoved in her mouth and has been caught picking at her gums, she's a bit whiney and clingy and she will suck/chew on her teething toys until they are melted and warm, NOT wanting to give them up when you try to refreeze them.

We're guessing she is getting teeth 17, 18, 19 and 20... the 2 Year Molars!

She has teethed really early since birth so, this doesn't surprise us one bit. We are just hoping she continues to nap and sleep as well as she always has because being up all night long has never been fun. Keep those fingers crossed for us that her sleep doesn't get effected! :)


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