EcoMetro Guide

While at Whole Foods today, picking up my fresh produce and meats for the week, I noticed this new Bay Area Savings/Entertainment Book at the checkout called The EcoMetro Guide for $20.

It contains over 300 coupons but, even better, there are awesome resources for local Farmer's Markets, Home repair, gardening, neighborhood maps, food ecolabels (how friendly is YOUR food?) and tons of facts, tips and resources for going "green". It's also full of advertisements for organic, eco-friendly products, some of which I never would've picked up myself having not read about them.

And, the best part: when you purchase one of these books, 50% of the sales price (so, $10.00 of every book) goes to a local, East Bay School to who's using them for fundraising. What other reason do you need to get yourself one? :)


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