Mother's Day 2008

Emily and I, reading a book - her favorite thing to do these days, with me sitting in HER chair, of course because she insists!

Since David honored me while I was pregnant, this was actually my third Mother's Day and each year seems to mean more and more to me, as I watch Emily blossom into a young lady and I see myself growing right along side her.

And David gets better and better at "honoring" me; showing me with a heartfelt card, flowers, gifts, spa treatments, breakfast in bed, dinner out as a family, how much he appreciates everything I do for our family and what a great job I am doing raising Emily.

I don't expect gifts, flowers or even dinner out but I have mentioned to him that I would like special ALONE time on Mother's Day to just relax and then, each year, he takes that for what it's worth and does something special for me.

This year, I got two lovely cards, one Emily decorated herself with Crayons, a gorgeous bouquet of White Lilies and a trip to The Cocoon Urban Day Spa in San Francisco for a day of pampering. He was originally going to book me a suite at The Claremont Hotel in Oakland, CA but they were completely booked up when he finally got around to calling. Oops! Maybe next year. ;)

I enjoyed a facial, massage, mani/pedi treatment all while sipping champagne. It was heaven and the spa is gorgeous!!! The staff was really friendly, the place smelled divine and was impeccably clean and their Makeup Artist even gave me a free lip makeover, just to send me out the door looking fabulous.

The pampering, relaxation, time alone with my thoughts was just amazing and I'm so thankful for such a wonderful, lavish day. Thank you, David, for making me feel so loved, appreciated, needed, wanted, valued, cherished, beautiful!


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