A new house and then, NEW FURNITURE!!!

David & I have been doing some furniture shopping this last year, since Emily has gotten out of the pukey, leaking, newborn phase (ha!) and got the push we needed to go out and actually purchase it all this past week, since we are moving into our new house next month!

We had Kelly come over and sit with Emily while she napped this afternoon and we headed off to our favorite stores to try out all the couches, chairs, coffee tables, entertainment centers, LCD televisions, curtains, bathroom decor, dining room sets, and even paint!

I was so surprised that we agreed on everything and actually had a really fun day; were both exhausted by the time we got home at 6:30PM but we accomplished a lot!

We ended up buying a Sectional sofa and an entire dining room set, complete with banquet!

Because it's Memorial Day weekend, pretty much everything is on sale tomorrow so, we'll check out the sales ads and look into purchasing a new television, entertainment center, coffee table and some new towels!


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