Thursday Thirteen

With the warm Spring weather coming to Alameda over the past week (it was 75 degrees the other day!!!), I've decided to dedicate this week's Thursday Thirteen to all the things I love about warm weather here in The Bay Area:

1. No longer having to carry a jacket in my car
2. Flip flops!!!
3. Pony tails; no need to wear your hair down to keep your ears warm :)
4. Not BBQing in the dark because the sun is still up at 8:00PM
5. The cool ocean breeze on those 80 degree days when you need a break
6. The heated pools in the area - it's never warm enough to swim in a regular pool
7. Visiting friends out in Walnut Creek, Danville and Pleasanton where you can use their pools because it's HOT as @(*#*%^)@ out there! ha
8. Capri pants
9. Weekends at the beach
10. Movies in the park, under the stars
11. Baseball games
12. Wearing white again (and it's OK this time)
13. The great summer fruits


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