Thursday Thirteen

Because my world tends to revolve around my family, around Emily on a daily basis, this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to her.

Thirteen things Emily and I love to do:

1. Playing in the water tables at Habitot Children's Museum
2. Splashing and singing-a-long with Sandy, Fridays at The Berkeley High Warm Pool
3. Putting together puzzles, she loves the musical Melissa & Doug puzzles best!
4. Tackling the "big kid" slide at Franklin Park on days she's feeling adventurous
5. She loves it when I chase her up and down our hallway, acting like the Tickle Monster
6. Play in the ball pit, climb the play structure, play dress up, dance and paint at Studio Grow
7. Coloring pictures (and the walls) on rainy afternoons
8. Sharing a donut during our early morning shopping trips to Safeway
9. Working on our backwards rolls at Ruby's Tumbling every Wednesday morning
10. Reading every book in her room, some times twice!
11. Struming guitars, banging on the drum and shaking maracas during Music Together Class on Thursday mornings
12. Listening to Rufus the Dog tell stories and lead songs at Story Time on Tuesday mornings at The Berkeley South Branch Library
13. Enjoying playtime with friends at Crosstown Community Center & Coffee House


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