Thursday Thirteen

Once in a Blue Moon San Francisco, CA and the immediate surrounding cities (Alameda included) catch a heat wave. A real heat wave, nearly 100 degrees the past two days, to be exact and we are all but melting here. :( It's normally 77-80 degrees in the hotest part of the summer around here and none of the homes have air conditioning so, you can imagine how hot it really is on days like today... it's just miserable and it takes all day and most of the night to cool the house off.

So, this week's Thursday Thirteen is all about the heat wave and all the ways it makes me miserable:

1. The air in our house is stiffling hot, like you stuck your head in your oven!
2. You can get a sunburn just walking to your mailbox
3. A 25 mile drive isn't long enough for the air conditioning in your car to cool you off
4. Your butt sweats, enough said
5. Your legs stick to the seats of your car
6. Your hair sticks to the back of your neck
7. Even a dip in the pool can't cool you off because all the pools around here are heated to 80 degrees at a minimum
8. Seeing your child sweat in their car seat
9. It's so hot, you can't sleep even with a fan blowing on you, full blast
10. Wearing anything other than your PJs is nearly impossible and really uncomfortable
11. Your feet sweat, even when wearing flip flops (disgusting)
12. You feel dirty because your whole body is sweating and all you want to do is take a cold shower
13. It's so hot, you wouldn't dare turn on your oven to cook. Heck, it's too hot to even eat!!!


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