Thursday Thirteen

Since we just signed the papers on our new house and are so excited to move, this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to all the things I love about moving (Yes, I said I love to move!):

1. I love to go through all my stuff while putting it in boxes, it's so nostalgic especially when going through my cedar chest that's filled with things from my childhood.
2. I love packing tape, no real reason other than the neat sound it makes when you unroll it.
3. Ordering new checks from the bank, I love how a fresh box of checks smells.
4. Bubble wrap!!! I love popping all those little bubbles when we're all done moving into the new place.
5. Purging things we've held onto for years only because we never had the time to go through it and get rid of it.
6. Having a big garage sale to get rid of things we aren't taking with us! It's so fun to count your money made at the end of the sale and to find something cool to spend it all on. ;)
7. Changing our address on all our bills, utilities and magazine subscriptions - I really love filling out all those forms (I know, I'm weird).
8. Mailing out those cute little "We've Moved" cards
9. Buying new furniture and decorations... who doesn't like to shop?
10. Organizing everything in my new, HUGE kitchen. Especially the food, I'm so OCD about where everything is placed in my cabinets and in the fridge (I said I was weird).
11. Having a housewarming party!!!
12. Meeting all our new neighbors.
13. The first night in a new house, it's the best and it's so cool to wake up in a whole new place, with a whole new life! :)


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