Thursday Thirteen

Since moving and my new house is all I can think about, this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to that! :)

Thirteen things we've bought for our new house:

1. Sectional couch
2. Leather-wrapped ottoman (instead of a coffee table)
3. 8x10 Wool rug for the dining room
4. 40" Sony Bravia flat screen HD LCD TV
5. Mahogany TV cabinet
6. Dining room table with 6 chairs
7. Banquet for the dining room
8. Shower curtain and rings
9. 8 new bath towels, 2 decorative towels, all new bath coordinates (soap pump, trash can, etc)
10. 2 floor lamps
11. Wooden carved sculpture for the dining room
12. A cubical organizer and matching baskets for the living room, for Emily's toys
13. New bedding for the master bedroom


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