Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's Tuesday and you know what that means: Tuesday Toddler Tales all about my 20 months old (eek!) daughter, Emily. ;)

This weeks is dedicated to her love of puzzles and the fact that she can know say that word, perfectly!

She loves puzzles but is especially fond of the Melissa & Doug musical puzzles. I got her two of these while in Vegas back in November: one is wild animals (snakes, lions, toucans) and the other is transportation (planes, trucks, trains).

She will grab a piece of the floor, look at it, tell me what it is or what sound it makes and put it in the puzzle correctly.

Then, she's just so proud of herself, she'll start clapping and saying; "yea!!!". And then, she will flip it over, dump out all the pieces and say; "again". :)


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