Aaahhhh, the joys of moving continue...

This is our last weekend in our old rental house (our lease ends July 3rd) and the time has come to clean up and re-paint. Blech! :(

We hired our housekeeper to come to the major stuff: clean out the oven and fridge, wash the walls, clean the ceiling fans and wash the windows but we will have to do some last minute sweeping, dusting and moping ourselves.

We also have to fill in all the holes we made when we hung up shelves and photographs and we have to re-paint Emily's bedroom back to white, which means we will have to prime paint over the pink. You know, I really don't mind the painting but it's laying down all the painters tape, to cover up the cream trim that I hate, it's so tedious and time-consuming! David is getting a jump start on it all right now while I am here with Emily as she naps and then, our babysitter is coming over tonight so we can go over tonight and finish it all up... we hope!


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