Abandoned truck or just an obnoxious neighbor?

We are moving into our new house in three days...

THREE DAY!?!?!?!?

Anyhow, I have been obsessed with driving by, checking to see if the Gardener has come yet, to see if the trash has been picked up, to see if the entire home has been cleaned by the Maid Service that was ordered for this week and everytime I go by, the same red Ford Ranger truck is parked on the curb of our house.

As I was looking through the photos I took a month ago, when our Realtor first showed us the home, I noticed that same truck, parked right where it is today.

Despite the fact that we have movers coming and will be parking there ourselves, it seems a bit suspicious and make me thing the vehicle has been abandoned. It's just obnoxious since it's a quiet, private, no-thru street and all the neighbors have driveways and garages to park in and because I don't want some strange car parked in front of my house!

I called the non-emergency line and they are going to put a notice on the truck today, as the City of Alameda has a law that vehicles must be moved every third day and because we have street sweeping this week. If the car isn't removed on Wednesday, they are going to boot it and 24 hours later, they are going to tow it.


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