Aunt Jenny came to town!

My younger sister, Jenny, Emily's only Aunt came for a visit this weekend and boy, did we have fun!

It's amazing how great she is with Emily but I honestly wasn't surprised since she is such an amazing 2nd Grade Teacher and loves Emily as if she was her own. They played together all day, every day she was here and that made life a whole lot easier for David & I to get a bit of packing done!

Jenny brought us all kinds of goodies, including the neatest "Going Fishin" puzzle that Emily is now obsessed with! The puzzle pieces come out when you cast the pole and "catch" one of the fish with the magnetic end of the pole. Anytime Emily missed a piece she would say; "Uh oh, it's stuck". Talk about adorable!!! I had no clue she even knew that phrase, what it meant and Jenny and David both swear they didn't teach her that. hahaha :)

Jenny has all the photos from her weekend here so, as soon as she uploads them, I'll post my favorites.


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