Dishwasher Drama

I think I might cry or maybe just pull all my hair out... our dishwasher is still unusable! ;(

Let me start from the beginning...

The dishwasher that came with the house is brand new and looks really nice but it had no power the day we moved in. The first professional that came out was an Appliance Handyman from Sears and said the appliance looked to be in great working order and our issue was with the electricity so, we called an Electrician.

The Electrician came out and said all the wiring was in excellent working order and should be working just fine and that our problem was a flipped breaker, most likely. After searching for nearly an hour, we found the kitchen pannel and, sure enough, the dishwasher breaker was flipped. One flip of the switch and the dishwasher came to life.


I loaded that bad boy up, put in some soap and let 'er rip only to hear dripping water about 30 minutes later. I walk into the kitchen to find the counters are flooded and overflowing onto the floor. Argh!!!

I soak up all the water with towels and watch the dishwasher continue to run fine with no sign of water leaking from anywhere. I think the water is coming from the sink (where the dishwasher drains through the garbage disposal) but I'm not sure so, I leave it and just check on it over the next half hour. Everything seems fine so, Emily and I go outside for a little while.

I come back in the house and once again the counters and floor are flooded.

I am beyond frustrated.

I shut off the dishwasher and call the Electrician to come back... I'm betting he's going to tell me I need a Plumber so I call one of those as well.


In the meantime, the stupid dishwasher is beeping at me because I turned it off mid-cycle and I cannot figure out how to simple turn it off completely. Where is that stupid manual?!?!? :(


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