The move was successful! :)

Well, we are all moved in and almost completely unpacked and boy does it feel good!

Gran has been absolutely wonderful with Emily... we really can't thank her enough! :) I don't know how anyone moves with a mobile child but I would highly suggest NOT doing it alone, if you can help it! It's been enough of a challenge to keep Emily eating and napping on schedule but to deal with her adjustment to her new surroundings, her cranky, impatient, attention-neediness is almost impossible while trying to make phone calls, direct movers, unpack boxes and baby-proof all the new hazards. Sheesh! Thank goodness she has napped really well and slept OK (less than perfect but it's been tolerable) and is really happy just to be outside. :)

The movers, Dimension Moving, were unbelievably fast, professional, clean, careful... everything arrived in perfect condition, was put into the rooms we wanted and all the furniture (including Emily's crib) was reassembled. They cleaned the floors when they left, took all the trash with them and got an outstanding review from me on They also got a big fat tip for saving me nearly $300 because they were so efficient!

Our new sectional couch, entertainment center/towers and dining room banquet & chairs all arrived late in the day on Friday and we are in-love. We are getting our table, dining room rug and some other decorative accessories are arriving this Friday. We can't wait to have our dining room complete so we can have our first dinner party AND so I can start hosting Game Night! We purchased a new living room rug, some new picture frames and some new drawer organizers to finish it all off. It's almost strange to look around, at all this new stuff, the paint on the walls, the brick fireplace, the bathroom sink... it's hard to believe this is our house. ha! I guess we just need a bit more time to adjust ourselves. :)

The rest of the house is coming along really well. We have unpacked everything and broken down all the boxes, which we are keeping in our attic in the event that we move again. ha! Boxes are expensive...

Direct TV came Friday afternoon to install our new HD System and one of David's contacts came to mount our huge new HD LCD TV on our wall, hiding all the cables IN THE WALL! It's amazing looking, I really can't believe how they do stuff like that!

The only "issue" we are having is with our mail, it seems the Post Office hasn't started forwarding anything just yet but we are still checking mail at the old house and have until mid-July before they get new tenants. I'll have to call the Post Office again today, I think.

We really love our neighborhood. We've met all our neighbors (they all came over during the last three days to welcome us) and were surprised that we are the youngest couple by far but don't have the youngest child! Most of them grew up here or raised their families here and about half are retired. It's beautiful and nice & quiet, which is exactly what we were hoping for!


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