Stomach bug... yuck! :(

*****DISCLAIMER: This might be TMI (Too Much Information) for some of you. Read with caution!!!*****

We are convinced that Emily and I both have a stomach bug of some sort...

Emily has had diarrhea for three days and then, she threw up night before last.

It took both David and I to wipe her clean (we were not about to bathe her because it was 2AM and we wanted her to be able to go back to bed quickly), put her in new pjs as hers were soaked and change her bedding (thank goodness for mattress liners!!!). We gave her a big drink of water, wrapped her in a blanket and I rocked her to sleep, while David rubbed her back and sang to her. Talk about Superdad! :)

She was out in under 20 minutes!

I have had to stay close to a bathroom since Sunday and have just felt "blah". I'm exhausted and my neck really hurts, although David thinks that is due to me sleeping funny.

We are both just a mess! Neither of us has much of an appetite and we are both super cranky.

Because of all this, Emily and I have stayed home as much as possible since Monday and just play in the livingroom while watching the Disney Channel most of the day.


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