Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I am really looking forward to:

1. Ending our lease at our old rental house on July 3rd!
2. The 4th of July party here in Alameda next weekend - we go every year!
3. Watching the new Angelina Jolie movie "Wanted" on Date Night with my hubby.
4. The next "Mom's Getaway" - we are wine tasting and getting spa treatments up in Napa in August
5. Our annual summer vacation down to Monterrey, CA!
6. Emily's 2nd birthday, which we are spending at Disneyland for a whole week!
7. Getting the rug I ordered from Target so my dining room will finally be complete.
8. Going back to the gym - I miss my Circuit Training Class so much!
9. My 10-year High School Reunion... it's coming up this year.
10. My 3rd wedding anniversary!!!
11. Hosting Thanksgiving at my *NEW* house!!!
12. The return of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy - my two favorite shows.
13. Spending Christmas in Texas and getting to see my besties. :)


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