Tuesday Toddler Tales

With all the chaos going on in our house, all the visitors that have come to town this month and all the strangers coming in and out, buying all the stuff I am selling, it seems Emily is a bit confused, overwhelmed and feeling "off" and this has resulted in her not sleeping very well.

She is only napping about 1 1/2 hours each day (some days, only 45 minutes!) and, despite going to bed at varying times, I've had zero success with getting her to sleep past 5:30AM! Argh!

It's super frustrating that she is sleep-deprived and irritable, throwing tantrums over the silliest things but it's also very difficult to get some down-time for myself since I, too am sleep-deprived and irritable. :(

I can't wait to move and get back to "normal"!


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