Tuesday Toddler Tales

This week's Toddler Tales is all about Emily's newest ride...

The Push Around Buggy - Step 2 is by far the best $50.00 I have ever spent on Emily!

Anyone who knows me knows my kid absolutely HATES her stroller... any stroller! She hates being so confined, being strapped in, having the cup holder bar across her legs, not being able to see really well, and she hates when the stroller stops moving, like when I am trying to shop for clothes. So, I pretty much only go places with Emily where she can ride up in a shopping cart OR I just leave her at home with daddy or Gran and shop alone.

Well, those days are OVER!!!

Thanks to this buggy (Emily even calls it; "buggy"), Emily is beyond content to go anywhere at anytime. She can crawl in all by herself, put her seatbelt on and loves to honk the horn and say; "beep beep". Ha ha ha :) Gran and I pushed Emily in her buggy all around our new neighborhood for hours upon hours this past week and even loaded it up in the car and took it with us to Encinel Nursery so I could purchase Hydrangeas for my garden. She has been such a joy, so content on every walk and every errand and literally begs for her "buggy" every day.

David and I even glued her Texas "Emily" License Plate on the back. :)


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