Tuesday Toddler Tales

Emily is obsessed...

With bubbles!

Right after dinner (sometimes while she's still eating dinner), she starts begging; "bubbles, bubbles, bubbles" and I know it's my cue to start her bath... and to pour in some California Baby Bubble Bath. Here lately, I've been using their "Overtired & Cranky" variety because lil Emma-Swimma is just that: cranky! I think she's still adjusting a bit to our move and her new boundaries.

Back to the bubbles.

Emily LOVES bubbles in her bath!

She tries to grab them, pokes at them, scoops them up and smears them on the tub walls and on herself, blows them across the tub and splashes at them. She just can't get enough, especially when it's time to get out of the tub; I tell her to pull the plug, which she does and then, she chants; "bye bye bubbles" and won't get out willingly until every last bubble has gone down the drain. hahaha! :)


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