Utter chaos!

There are boxes everywhere!

Half-full boxes, boxes not yet put together, full boxes stacked in every concievable corner. We are tripping on boxes, setting food & clothes on boxes, Emily is banging on one box in particular like it's her own personal drum set.

Utter chaos!!!

Ontop of all the boxes, we have strangers trampling through our house every single night; our Landlord is showing the apartment in hopes of getting someone to move in by July 1st. While I am happy about that because that means we'll get some of our rent money back (we have to pay through July 10th), I'm sick of the strange, grubby heads, poking through my closets, examining my oven, going in and out of my bathroom. Argh! :( I'm sick of wrestling Emily to keep her out from under their feet at 7:30pm, when she should be in bed. I'm sick of plastering a big, fake smile to my face as they ask a million questions about the water pressure and ocean breeze during the warmer, summer days.

Only 6 more days until we pick up our keys to our new house and get started on moving in!


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