We've Been Adopted...

It seems our new house came with a cat: a very friendly, fixed, female cat that we have named; "Lucy". :)

The previous owner of this home, Nancy, apparently raised Lucy from birth and, when Nancy passed away two years ago, Lucy disappeared. None of the neighbors saw her for the past two years and all just assumed she ran away or died.

Well, it seems Lucy is back!

She literally came out of nowhere - we heard her crying at the front door... it was almost as if she was watching the house for Nancy to come back and knew someone was living here again. :) When we opened the door to go outside and offer her some food & water, she seemed a bit confused at the first sight of us, as if she was expecting Nancy, and looked as if she was going to run off but she warmed up quickly and let us pet her. She even gobbled up the can of Tuna I put in a bowl for her.

Our neighbors noticed and came over to talk to us. They were quite surprised to see her in the first place but even more shocked to see her some comfortable around us. Apparently, Lucy had never been too social, sticking close to Nancy for those 4 years.

I guess it was just meant to be...


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