Happy 4th of July!!!

We spent an amazingly fun, relaxing, quiet, somewhat uneventful 4th of July holiday here at home and, in retrospect, we wouldn't have it any other way as it was just perfect! :)

While out playing today, Emily even got a bit closer to petting Lucy the cat and she was soooooooooooo excited about that!

We dressed Emily up in the required red, white & blue garb and she looked way too cute in her matching pigtails with red ponytail holders. We played, had lunch together, took her on a nice long walk in her buggy and then, put her to bed.

Our "Lil Firecracker" enjoying some lunch!

At 8:00PM our "adults only" 4th of July celebration began... alone and it was better than any date night we've had this year!

David fired up our charcoal grill, using our new charcoal chimney (which I swear, everyone should have and use as it makes grilling a complete no-brainer!) and I preared the burgers and all the fixings inside.

We sat outside, enjoying that charcoal smell (and a ton of smoke, sheesh!) and a couple of beers and some great conversation. We listened to fireworks being set off (illegally!) in our neighborhood and watched the sunset over our backyard fence. It was really romantic and relaxing!

Prepping the fire...... dumping the VERY hot coals...... basting the burgers

The food was finally done and boy was it good! We ate so fast, I'm not sure we even chewed but I think that's because we were excited for dessert: the "flag" cream cheese pie I made. Yum-O!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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