All this exercise is making me feel so good!

I was just telling David this morning that I haven't felt this good, all around good, in months:

I have boundless energy. I no longer feel my day drags on and I no longer want to lay around on the couch during Emily's nap. I also don't crash on the sofa the minute I put Emily to bed. Instead, I am cleaning up, reading and doing more projects around the house.

I am sleeping SOUNDLY for the full 9-11 hours (depending on what time I go to bed) - I fall asleep really quickly, not waking up at all and feel refreshed when I do wake up!

I'm so happy, about everything in life in general.

Plus, my clothes are fitting really loosely, almost to the point that I need a smaller size! The arms of my shirts aren't tight anymore, the top of my pants doesn't dig into my stomach and I've noticed the "seat" is saggy... I have saggy butt syndrome! hahaha :)

I am sore though, nearly every day I wake up, some muscle hurts or is stiff and I really look forward to my late afternoon/evening work outs to stretch out my soreness. I've really taken to swimming and doing water aerobics. Besides taking the water aerobics class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I get in the pool every Tuesday and Thursday after my Spin class, mainly to cool off because I get to hot in that class but also to get in an upper body workout; Mariner Square has these really cool water weights!

Thanks so much to Heather for organizing NBL2 because my head, my heart and my body really needed it!

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